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Coming soon is the 1927 Casavant from University of Redlands in Redlands, CA


Through the cooperation of the University of Redlands department of music and with the invaluable assistance of Ryan Ballantyne of RMBallantyne Pipe Organs who immaculately maintains the instrument, we are happy to bring you an iconic early 20th century American Classic.


The instrument is a 1927 Casavant which has been carefully maintained and judiciously rebuilt.  The original 1927 instrument is of 56 ranks.  Rebuilds in 2003 expanded the stoplist to 61 ranks and in 2013 to its current state of 73 ranks.  The 2003 rebuild was performed by Casavant, and the 2013 upgrade by Casavant with RM Ballantyne Pipe Organs. 


The 2013 rebuild was overseen by Fred Swann.  Many of the pedal ranks were made available in the Great for extra flexibility.  Several composed pedal stops were also added.  A digital system was installed adding the Harp/Celesta and several color stops (Solo Gamba/Celeste, Solo Orchestral Flute, Trompette Harmonique, and Chimes).  We have emulated these stops with samples from our library, modeling the instrument as it stands.   


All divisions, including the Pedal and Great, are enclosed in chambers with shutters.  Solo, Choir and Swell are independent on the left of the hall, and the Great and Pedal are together on the right in a chamber with shutters.



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Franck a minor Chorale - University of Redlands
This recording is using the upcoming University of Redlands sample set. A reconditioned 1927 Casavant, it has much of the character of French instruments as well as from North American instruments of that period. This recording is made using 100% ambient and 80% direct samples.
MP3 audio file [30.0 MB]
J. S. Bach - BWV 669, 670 and 671 from Clavier Übung 3
We demonstrate some of the lovely solo voices with sampled tremulants of our University of Redlands sample set with the marvelous set from Clavierübung 3 - Kyrie/Christe/Kyrie eleison. We use the Well-Kellner III temperament. We use 100% ambient and 80% direct sound.
MP3 audio file [28.4 MB]
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