Gabriel's Message
A recording of an arrangement written for the Nov. 20, 2016 performance of the Bach Magnificat. This will introduce the hymn "The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came..."
Gabriel_s Message.mp3
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This setting of OLD 100TH (Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow) was inspired from the movie music of some of the 1950's westerns with busy string parts and aggressive brass fanfares.  This setting was also reworked into a stand-alone piece written for my friend Jung-A Lee for a concert she did in September 2012.

Old 100th - Performed at St. John's Vespers, Sept 2011
94 Old 100th.mp3
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I was on a kick for a while to play through the Bach Well Tempered Clavier.  As I was playing through some of them, I found hymn tunes singing out.  In this, the C# major prelude, I found "Allein Gott in der Hoeh" hiding. The tune is flexible enough to be done in other keys, as its range is only a fifth.

Allein Gott after WTK C# major prelude - Performed for St. John's Vespers Concert Sept 2008
95 allein gott_WTK.mp3
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This arrangement of SLANE (Be Thou my Vision) is atypical of most arrangements of this tune, however I really liked the texture.

SLANE - Performed for St. John's Vespers, September 2007
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KINGS WESTON (At the name of Jesus) is a powerful tune requiring a special treatment.  Regal yet ominous was my take on it.

KINGS WESTON - Performed at St. John's Vespers Concert November 2010
98 Kings Weston.mp3
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JESU MEINE FREUDE, (Jesus Priceless Treasure) has been expertly set by so many composers, it seems redundant to create yet another.  However the tune and the event spoke to me.  We were doing the cantata "Jesu Meine Freude" as well as the amazing Bach Motet.  So this is set for extended introduction and congregational verses.

JESU MEINE FREUDE - Performed at St. John's Vespers Concert, March 2007
Jesu Meine Freude.mp3
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